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The New Violet 


This aircraft endowed with 400 HP engine is always controlled by the support of a computer during flights and the pilot is informed in any unusual situations.

Her three-blade propeller with composite production was designed only for aerobatics. While this excellent show plane performs its display excessing the 400 km/hour from time to time, she spends 38 gallons of fuel (approximately 152 liters) and 45 gallons of smoke (approximately 180 liters) in an hour.

One of the most advanced aerobatic aircrafts in the world, the "New Violet" is a custom-made aircraft based on Pitts, but much superior to it, developed entirely for aerobatics. It was produced by Ali İsmet Öztürk, Türkiye's first Professional and National Pilot, and his team in 2003 for a period of one year and the aircraft was named the "Purple Violet". Previous maneuvers were enriched visually, increasing the quality and flight safety for "Airshows". Designed against high gravity loads, this special demonstration machine is resistant to +/-10 G and has all the features that will ensure the pilot performing the flight to get tired at a minimum level against these loads.


After Ali İsmet Öztürk's retirement from professional aerobatics at SHG Airshow on September 13, 2021, the Legendary Purple Violet went through an extensive maintenance in the hands of Mach Technic and its appearance now continues its new adventures in the skies with Semin Öztürk Şener as the "New Violet". 


Ali İsmet Öztürk and the "Legendary" Purple Violet

Türkiye's first professional aerobatics pilot, Ali İsmet Öztürk he participated in more than 500 airshow organizations and made flights in 22 different countries until 2013. He reached more than 25 million spectators by completing 859 display flights with no errors. In the meantime, he made 150.000 km of ways and he accomplished more than 400 training flights per year.

In 2005, he received “Display Authorisation” Certificate with the utmost degree from English Civilian Aviation Authorities. He also received “The Best Airshow Pilot in the Promotion of his Sponsor Award” in 2006 from EAC “European Airshow Consul” which is organized annually. He was chosen the “Best Solo Display” in many airshow organizations in Europe.


For 34 years after beginning the flights Ali İsmet Öztürk has occupied himself only with professional aviation and he became the “first name” in many experiences in the field of civilian aviation in Türkiye. As a Turkish aviator, Ali İsmet Öztürk has commercial pilot license for helicopters and airplanes, IFR Certificates for multi-engine helicopters and airplanes and instructor pilot and instrument flying licences. He holds helicopter and airplane maintenance technician licenses as well. Ali İsmet Öztürk who has experienced flights in more than 50 different aircrafts, has spent more than 5000 flight hours with various types of helicopters and planes.


Ali İsmet Öztürk is still flying at S.H.M. (Sivrihisar Aviation Center) and he has devoted all his professional experiences to Turkish youth.

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Ali Ismet Öztürk - Video
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Aerobatic Promotion Flights with Semin Öztürk Şener

Aerobatic promotion flights with Semin Öztürk Şener are carried out with Pitts Special S-2B produced in 1995 and has a Lycoming engine with 360 hp. This two-seated aircraft has superior usage characteristics and is the most popular model of the Aviat. The aircraft is designed specifically for performing the most advanced manoeuvres and is suitable for aerobatics because of her design and biplane structure. Türkiye’s First Professional Female Aerobatic Pilot dances with her Pitts Special S-2B in the sky.

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