Semin Öztürk is Turkey` s first professional female
aerobatic pilot

Turkey's First Professional Female Aerobatic Pilot Semin Öztürk born in 1991. As she turned 12, she experienced her first aerobatic flight with her father Ali İsmet Öztürk who is Turkey’s National Aerobatic Pilot. She attended high school in Lycée Français Saint-Michel and studied in İstanbul University. With the sponsorship of Ayjet Flight School, she got her private pilot licence when she was a sophomore in university. Later, she went to America to complete her aerobatic training in Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety based California. She performed her first solo aerobatic flight with Pitts S-2B at the age of 21. In this manner, she took the title of First Turkish Woman Pilot who perform first solo f

Semin Öztürk | Profesyonel Akrobasi Pilotu Hakkımızda

Semin’s Air Plane

Pitts Special S-2B produced in 1995 and has Lycoming engine with 360 hp. This two-seated aircraft has superior usage characteristics and the most popular model of the Aviat. She is designed especially for being able to do the most advanced manoeuvres. She is appropriate for aerobatics by means of her design and biplane structure. Turkey’s First Professional Female Aerobatic Pilot dances with her Pitts Special S-2B in the sky.